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Bowen Therapy

“it is not a massage; it is a message!” A holistic body treatment that cooperates with the nervous system and fascia to awaken the body’s self-healing.

Transformational Yoga

For physical empowerment, emotional release, mental clarity & peace of mind. Transform your world to experience Unity and Tranquility!

Yoga Nidra

A wellness session that teaches you the way to relax deeply & rejuvenate in a very short time.
45 minutes of practice equals 3 hours of sleep

Start your Day right!

Morning Wellness for Energy that lasts

this Fall make well-being your priority

Start your day with a morning wellness routine
& keep your energy levels high throughout the day

What is Wellness?

It is a holistic state of being in which all parts of ourselves communicate harmoniously, and we experience peace and flow in our lives!
More specifically, Wellness is:

physical health and fitness  
emotional balance and relaxation
mental clarity and inspiration
relationships based on love and understanding
open communication & cooperation
good functionality of the bodily systems
high energy levels
good mood, desire for creation and new experiences

A refreshing 2-days retreat

Wellness Weekend Getaway

Find your oasis in town

Give yourself a weekend full of Self-Love

wellness weekend getaway

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Wellness Memberships

Available from October 2022


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Wellness for All
The innovation in Wellbeing

Wellness is everyone's prerogative!
With the "pay what you like" system, you set the amount for the product that you are interested in

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Self & Soul Wellness Service

If you want to experience harmony and alignment in your life, the self & soul wellness session is the right start for you!
You've got all the knowledge in you!

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Bowen Therapy
Ignite your inner therapist!
mild safe effective physical supplement method
Allow your body to take care of itself!
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Mind & Body Wellness Service

Transform your mental state & energy levels in just 10 minutes!
Such an immediate change is possible through T.I.M.E. Wellness Method

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Meet your instructor
Anna Agrafioti OLY

“from waves to wellness”

I personally welcome you to
Self & Soul Wellness Naturale!
I feel immense joy and gratitude that I share my vision with you today.

Inside us, we carry all the knowledge we need!
As long as we connect with our Truth, release all obstacles, and create our happiness.

Let’s create together
a world full of joy, health & strength!

anna agrafioti-wellness igniter

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Start your Wellness Journey

Embrace your uniqueness & express yourself freely!

Self n Soul Wellness Nature is here to offer you total and holistic wellness!
Our goal, is life with natural flow and love!

For a healthier, happier, stronger You!

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