I personally welcome you in Self n ‘Soul Wellness Naturale!
I feel really grateful sharing my vision with you right now.

My name is Anna.
Most of the times, I prefer letting my energy do the talking  for me. I strongly believe that the energy that each of us carries and shares with the world, is more important than the titles that he/she has won. But if you still want to know more about my achievements and titles, you can go  here.

Nature and adventure are the two main ingredients of my Self, while beauty and unconditional love is what l have in my Soul.

My natural environment is a wavy sea, thus I am a sailing athlete since a very young age. The biggest challenge for a sailor’s success is the understanding of the 5 elements that shape this world. I managed to understand and connect them all at such a level of participating in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Sailing gave me the opportunity to travel all around the world and meet the unique characteristics of each civilization. Each time it happens to be in an new environment, I like taking a really good look on it. Through many years of observing, I ‘ve understood that unity comes through diversity.

2012 was the year that changed my life. After this year I was clearly hanging out of my comfort zone. It took me 8 years of deep realization, research & practice to discover all those information that  I am sharing now with you.

My health issue was my biggest adventure in Life. It offered me a lot more that just a medal in a competition. It gave me so many experiences that became my true knowledge. Through it, I was able to connect deeper with my self and other people. It taught me compassion, kindness and the importance of serenity. It led me from oblivion to Truth.

This process made me aware of the power of “I am/being”. What we are is far more important than what we do occasionally. What comes after “I am”, really shapes our whole experience in this planet. By following models, standards or other people’s pinions we are going far away from our true nature. The key to a fulfil life is personalization. We all carry inside us,  all that we need! We just need to relax, release all the blockages and listen to our inner voice. What we really need is our own path to Self n Soul Wellness…

And this is what Wellness Naturale offers to you. We give you all the tools, the infos and the services that will bring you closer to your own truth. What is proper for you will only come through your own Self and your unique Soul. Nobody else is capable of knowing your path in Life! It is now time to connect with all the knowledge within. Discover your own way and experience the strongest, healthiest and happiest version of yourself!

My mission in this world is very clear to me.

What do you have to offer?

I call you to discover this answer together.
This world needs your unique talents!

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