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I personally welcome you to Self n Soul Wellness Naturale!
Feeling immense joy and gratitude that I share my vision with you today.

I am Anna Agrafioti.
A sailing Champion with studies on the human body, focussing on its innate powers and its occult abilities.

Besides, My love for Nature and our connection is the basis on which I built my path on planet Earth. At the same time, beauty and unconditional Love are what I bring with me as a soul and what I have come to offer to this planet.

Read more about my story below!

Who is Anna Agrafioti

Afterwards, my natural environment is a wavy sea; thus, I have been a sailing athlete since a very young age. The biggest challenge for a sailor’s success is understanding the five elements that shape this world. I managed to understand and connect them all at such a level of participating in the 2012 Olympic Games. After Olympics, I studied at the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Moreover, while working for ten years in Greece and abroad as a coach for teenagers at a competitive level, I continued my studies on the human body. In 2017, I started creating my website to share my knowledge. I also create specialized wellness programs for individuals and businesses. At the same time, I teach yoga, yoga nidra, breathing and relaxation techniques in group and individual classes.

Nowadays, you will find me in

- Wellness Naturale Sharing my knowledge in articles, news, tips & practices.
- Wellness Naturale
Online Wellness On-demand courses & online sessions for people that are not in Athens.

Wellness Workroom
Our place with sea view for in-person sessions and services.

- Wellness Naturale

Wellness Getaway
In co-operation with Palmyra Beach Hotel , we create wellness & relaxation packages.

- Wellness Naturale
Optimum Sailing Team The sailing team that I race with the last year.
Anna Agrafioti - Wellness in nature
Natura Sessions I plan Excursions & Practices in Nature for immerse release & total empowerment.

Why I created Wellness Naturale

It all started in January 2017 when I returned from India. Back then, my inner guidance instructed me to create something that would promote holistic knowledge and imperative practice. I had already completed my western studies on the human body, learning about the body’s function, conditioning, and strengthening. Meanwhile, I had just finished my eastern studies on the theory and practice of yoga.

It is worth mentioning that the eastern and western knowledge I had received complemented and beautifully enriched each other.

Moreover, I felt that so many abilities within us await us to discover and activate them. I understood that the human body is not just a machine that moves us here and there or something that characterizes us. Instead, it is the home where our soul dwells and the medium which helps us experience life on Earth.

In the West, I focused on the anatomy and functionality of the human system. While in the East, I learned to respect my body and connect with it and Mother Nature.

Thus arose an inner urge to share this knowledge and the experience I gained after the Olympic Games. I wanted to inform as many people as I can about the importance of reconnecting with Nature!

My vision for this life is harmonious coexistence, proper communication, and the complete experience of our human potential.

Each of us is unique and has a specific reason for being on this planet. Personalization in all areas is crucial for fully experiencing this life. All the knowledge we need is inherent in us! The problem is that we rarely listen to our own Truth. We only need to relax, release all obstacles, and create our happiness by walking on our path…

That’s what Wellness Naturale offers to you, a map to create your own Wellness path!

Anna Agrafioti The Olympic Games – The 0 point

Anna Agrafioti at London-2012-Olympics

Can you imagine what it is like to reach the top of a mountain and fall before enjoying the magnificent view?

This happened in my case, as after the Olympics, my system collapsed.

The fall was fast, while the way up was desperately slow. It came through many methods, medical & nutritional approaches, alternative techniques, practices & self-awareness.

I managed to achieve my participation in the Olympic Games by balancing long hours of training and yoga release. My whole Self was there, my body, spirit, heart, emotion, logic, and soul.

After the Olympics, I was deeply divided. I did not respect my body, ignoring my soul’s desires. For this reason, I experienced inner conflict and the total collapse of my system. This battle within me lasted many years until forgiveness restored peace and health in my body.

AS a result, the Olympics became my point in life. This experience changed not only my life but my entire perspective. This fall was a gift, a unique apprenticeship on the human body, and the transformative power of love! A hard lesson to respect matter & a course of reconnection with mother Nature …

The adventure of my health may have kept me away from sports, but it offered me much more than a medal. It gave me all these experiences that are now my practical knowledge. To be precise, I developed a deeper relationship with people and myself. Indeed, this fall taught me compassion, kindness, and the importance of inner peace. Lastly, it led me from oblivion to Truth, Love & Gratitude.

Anna Agrafioti Studies & Work Experience

All my studies concern the function and the abilities of the human body:

  • Department of Physical Education and Sports Science at the Kapodistrian University of Athens, specializing in Sailing.
  • 500 hours of Transformational Yoga training in India, with the ability to teach Hatha Yoga, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Mantras
  • 50 hours of training in Aerial Yoga
  • 20 hours of training in Therapeutic Yoga
  • Two years of studies in the complementary therapeutic technique Bowen Therapy or Bowtech
  • Certificate of training in Exercise and Pregnancy from Elearning EKPA
  • Certified in Strengthening and Therapy on the water – Aqua Fitness
  • Accredited Practitioner in NLP & EFT methods
  • Participation in health, psychology & sports seminars

From 2006 to 2012, I had the honour of being a member of the National Sailing Team. I participated as an athlete in World, European and Balkan championships. From 2011-to 2012 I was a member of the Olympic Team of Greece, and I represented my country in laser sailing in London 2012 Olympics.

My main job from 2012 until 2021 was coaching sailing racing teams. In Greece, mainly for the association of Olympiacos, and abroad for the Olympic Committee of Qatar.

Simultaneously, from 2016 until today, I host personal and mini-groups wellness and fitness sessions. I also provide private coaching & Transformational Yoga sessions.

In 2019, I started practising the complementary practice of Bowen, which awakens the body’s self-healing.

Later, in 2017, I started my site, which, after many waves, took its current form.

Finally, since September 2021 I am teaching the cornerstones of wellbeing on an individual and group level.

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