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BOWTECH – awaken your body

mild safe effective physical supplement method

What is Bowen Therapy

The Bowtech technique is a system of immediate release of muscle and connective tissue developed by Australian Tom Bowen. It is a holistic physical therapy that cooperates with the nervous system and the fascia to awaken the body’s self-healing. The small but calculated stimuli – messages on the body, igniting the body’s self-healing. Moreover, Bowtech is also referred to as “body homeopathy”. In addition, its creator has stated that “it is a gift from God!“.

Allow your body to take care of itself!

Which are the Bowen effects?

Bowtech offers relief from chronic and acute problems. It is an alternative method of treating diseases and ailments. It is worth noting that it works in combination with conventional medicine. Furthermore it releases the tension that prevents the body’s normal functioning. In this way, the body transits from disease to health.

More specifically

  1. Balances the autonomic nervous system
  2. Stimulates the immune system
  3. Detoxifies the whole body
  4. It offers deep relaxation
  5. Helps in the proper functioning of the organs
  6. Reduces pain
  7. Focuses on the cause of the problem
  8. Helps the human body holistically & offers health & wellness

BOWEN THERAPY – The technique that awakens the body

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It is not a massage; it is a message!

Deep relaxation is the immediate result of a session lasting about 60 minutes. While the body continues its work for up to 14 days. As a result, the therapeutic action of Bowen Therapy brings holistic results!

What happens in a session?

The receiver wears light clothes and lies down on a massage bed. He/she can also remains seated if he/she desires so. During the session, the Bowen practitioner performs gentle movements or sets of movements on specific points on the body. The practitioner uses also pauses in between. Therefore, breaks allow the nervous system to process and respond to the moves.

Each session aims to bring the whole body into balance. This is the reason why the movements start from the lower back to the upper back, then to the neck, and then to the arms or legs.

αφύπνισε τον εσωτερικό σου θεραπευτή -ignite your inner therapist

Who is Bowen Therapy for?

It is suitable for everyone!
Bowen Therapy is a safe technique that supports pregnant women, children, and newborns. Moreover, it can be safely applied to the elderly and people with disabilities. Equally important that Bowen is particularly effective in sports injuries and chronic conditions.

For the Palmyra Beach Hotel guests, we apply a specialized protocol of one session. This session awakens your inner therapist. As a result, your body experiences overall wellbeing.

For those who wish to receive Bowtech based on a specific discomfort, chronic or acute problem, the protocol is specialized for them. The protocol varies from person to person and has a corresponding number of sessions.

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How does Bowtech ignite my inner therapis?

Bowen Therapy awakens our inner therapist and balances the nervous system. Also, we achieve the activation of our entire system through special movements at specific points on the body.

Furthermore, in our body, there are proprietary aesthetic receptors that provide us with the perception of position and movement. They are found in tissues, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. The Bown Therapy technique manages to positively influence these elements in the following way :


The fascia plays an important role in muscle coordination, posture alignment, and overall structural and functional integrity. Every Bowen movement takes place at the level of the superficial fascia. Therefore, a change in posture, improving mobility and functionality comes as a result.

Lymphatic drainage

Bowtech procedures mobilize the lymphatic circulation. Thus it strengthens the immune system, improves the body’s ability to detoxify, and enhances cellular function.

Spinal reflex arcs

Many movements of Bowen Therapy involve the reflex arches, which are responsible for moving the muscles. In effect, therapeutic reactions are created in the muscles of the internal organs.

Myotatic Reflexes

Most movements encircle these specific receptors and interrupt the vicious cycle of pain-muscle spasm. Therefore, we restore smoothness and increase the range of motion.

Joint neuroreceptors

With the movements we make around a joint, we achieve the connection with the receptors. These in turn convert external stimuli into electrical signals that improve joint function.

bowen session-συνεδρία bowen

A unique tool that we have at our disposal for the
self-healing of the body

 experience holistic harmony & immediate relaxation

Bowen Therapy embraces the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual side of
each person throughout the session

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FAQ – We answer your questions!

1What kind of technique is Bowen?
A holistic somatic technique.

The bowen practitioner works as a medium, awakening the innate abilities of the body for healing.

The recipient's body reacts internally and begins its self-healing.
Actually, your body heals you!
2What kind of feeling will I experience during the session?

The movements made on the body are gentle but effective. They activate the nervous system and especially the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation and healing.

During the session you will feel a sweet relaxation of another level. But at the same time, your body awakens and activates its healing!

You will not feel any pain or pressure on your body.
3Are there any precautions?

This holistic complementary method works together with conventional medicine. It is suitable for everyone and everyone can accept it, from children to the elderly.

1Can I receive other therapies?

Because this technique is holistic, and works not only during but also for 7-14 days after the session, you can not receive any invasive treatment 4 days before and 5 days after.

2Should I be aware about anything else?

After the session, your nervous system should not receive any other messages or come in contact with any invasive element.

This means:
  • you should not be exposed to very high or very low temperatures
  • you can not experience any intervention technique (ex., manipulations, massage, reflexology)
  • the water in your shower should be lukewarm
  • no use of ice or heat on the body
  • Avoid exercising the same day after the session
Also, help your body with the following:
  • drinking plenty of water
  • movement - every 30 'take a walk in your living room, go for a walk
  • for the next 2-3 days, choose some form of gentle exercise such as walking, cycling, yoga
3Where can I find more about Bowtech?
Find more here!