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Bringing physical & spiritual world together

What would you say if I told you that you can change your entire state of well-being
in just 10 minutes?

This is possible through T.I.M.E. Wellness Practice!

T.I.M.E. is an integral approach to physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity & higher consciousness.
It is an all-aspects meditation practice that connects us with the source above & within us.
Moreover, T.I.M.E. helps us discover ourselves beyond traumas, limiting beliefs & emotional baggage.
This practice relieves you instantly from mental & emotional stress. Furthermore, it assists you in making the right decisions at the right time.
A quick and effective method to tap into 90% of the underutilized parts of the human brain, and hence free yourself. 

Wherever you are, whatever you do, no matter the circumstances, you can easily perform this practice! Consequently, reach a new state of clarity & comfort in just 10 minutes!

This workshop is for you if you…

  • Search an effective way to boost physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellness
  • Want to eliminate stress in your life
  • Think of minimizing input and maximizing results
  • Seek balance between work and home
  • Need inspiration & guidance
  • Are yearning to deepen your connection with yourself
  • Up to holistic healing techniques
  • Wish to activate your brain and reach states of being beyond mind control

A private workshop coupled with an instructive E-Book

Let us show you the easy way to unite body & mind

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Experience instant transformation
Be in a continuous state of well-being

high physical health

good stamina

emotional balance

mental clarity

higher mental guidance

unconditional love for yourself & others

strong faith


higher states of consciousness

unity of all the aspects of yoursel

How to understand if this workshop is for you?
If it vibrates with your heart is sure for you!

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Experience tranquility & Love for life
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– when life gets BLURRY, adjust your focus –

How to adjust your focus

Where focus goes, energy flows. Our mind always wants to have a meaning, though it tries to understand by overanalyzing. This is why we mentally repeat every situation until we find a preferable solution. In this way, however, we recreate the problem. The solution exists, and we can only discover it through a unifying and creative collaboration of all aspects of ourselves.
The answer comes to us automatically when we experience tranquility.

How to reach the state of tranquility

Tranquility is the state where we experience good physical health, emotional balance, mental clarity & high confidence. When we have a harmonious coexistence and relations between all the aspects of ourselves, we experience total peace. The keys to achieving this are observation, the release of tension, and higher consciousness activation.
T.I.M.E. Wellness Practice leads you to tranquility.

T.I.M.E. – a transformative practice to experience
mind & body wellness

If you are ready to bring bliss into your life, 
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Meet your instructor – Anna Agrafioti OLY

Anna is a renowned sailor who has represented Greece in the 2012 London Olympic Games. She holds a B.Sc. in Physical Education and Sports. Moreover, she is a Master Level Yoga Teacher with more than 600h of training & a Bowen Therapy Practitioner

Anna is a nature lover & a true life learner. She is always searching for new things and greater integrations. She believes in the beauty of each person & the unity of people through pure intentions, authentic communication & unconditional love.

She is here to serve your individuality with respect  & commitment.

Anna answers your  question

1How is it possible to change my wellness state so fast?

Studies have shown that 5 circles of T.I.M.E. (approximately 10 minutes) are enough to achieve total calmness. This happens because T.I.M.E. Wellness Practice integrates  and works simultaneously with all your aspects. 
You give care and love to your aspects, after you release the tension, and finally you activate your higher consciousness that unites them all.

2Is T.I.M.E. easy?

Yes! It is an easy and effective inner practice. You can perform T.I.M.E. wherever you are, no matter the circumstances, with open or closed eyes. 
At the beginning you need to use the schema of this technique, but after a while you will be able to instruct automatically yourself.

3What makes T.I.M.E so effective?
  • It is a holistic approach that unifies all the different aspects of human being
  • It activates the 90% of the unutilized brain 
  • Self-observation creates higher self-awareness
  • It offers unconditional love to our true Self & our unique Soul
4Which is the difference between T.I.M.E. and traditional Meditation?

Traditional meditation:

- focuses on the mind
- observes emotions and thoughts independently
- aims to achieve silence & tranquility
- has time limits & few  conditions
- aims to connect us with an external higher force

The T.I.M.E. technique:

- includes all aspects of man
- focused on the overall perception of who we truly are and which our purpose is
- connects and restores communication between body, mind, emotion, energy & soul
- acknowledges that man has a dual nature within him (superior & inferior)
- aims to transform all the toxic, unhealed parts of ourselves into healthy and pure

1Are the results permanent or temporary?

This practice helps you reach the state of tranquility and embrace it for 2 to 3 hours.
Every time you use this tool, you will feel even calmer. As you get to observe yourself more frequently and release the tension, you gain more clarity, and you can experience life in a more peaceful realm. 

2What are the requirements? Do I need a mat, leisure clothes, yoga or meditation experience?

There are no requirements for this practice!
No need for mat, special clothes or an instructor.
You can experience T.I.M.E. wherever you are, whatever you do, no matter the circumstances.

Experience is not necessary as I will explain in detail the theory of this technique, the functions of the human system and the whole process. In addition, you receive an E-book, with all the information above.
In this way, we ensure that you have all the information available at all times & you experience complete independence and confidence while performing T.I.M.E.!

3 This practice has any precautions?

This practice is suitable for all!

4How much will it take for me to practice alone?

You can practice alone immediately, straight after the end of our training workshop!
The practice is so easy and immediate that supervision is not necessary. In addition, you receive an instructional E-book, which contains all the theory and explanation of this method.
This way you have all the information available at all times & you experience complete independence and confidence while performing the technique!