Our vision: to enjoy Life, to Love all the existence & experience total Union!

Self n Soul Wellness Nature is here to offer you total and holistic wellness!
Our goal is life with natural flow and love!
The interdisciplinary approach and respect for individuality are the two main pillars on which we create our servicesworkshopsproducts, and articles. We all need to realize the unique talents we bring to this world. As well, we have to acknowledge all the particular characteristics that structure our entity. We are here to explore our inner and outer worlds! Furthermore,  we are here to experience the deep connection in all aspects & dimensions of our lives.

The dimensions of our existence are five, and they are the ones that determine our Well-being:

  • physical dimension – the body
  • energy dimension – emotions, intuition & vitality
  • mental dimension – the character, the peculiarities, the way of thinking
  • mental dimension – the connection with the Self, the relationships, the uniqueness of each individual
  • spiritual dimension – the meaning & purpose of life, the source of creation

The composition of these five dimensions is unique for each person. The catalysts of our well-being are good communication and the five aspects alignment. Practice, awareness, and union are the keys to achieving well-being.

Personalization in all aspects of our life is the key to our health & well-being

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Whatever the question, Unity is the answer!

Self n Soul Wellness Naturale offers you everything you need in order to connect with your Truth and experience the well-being of the Self & the Soul.

We provide information, tools, and services that help you recognize your uniqueness and live a beautiful, happy, and fully balanced life.

When the Self and the Soul communicate with Truth and respect, then harmony and peace occur appropriately in your life.

Our approach is interdisciplinary and personalized!

We believe in the uniqueness of each person, and we are ready to serve you with respect & devotion.
Each of us has a different story & life experience, body type, and unique character. That is why we show different needs, different lifestyles, and different habits as well as preferences.

Therefore, it is vital for each of us to stop adapting to universal standards of well-being but to begin to embrace and experience our uniqueness.

Everything in life is a representation of something

Every life experience has its symbolism & reminds us of something long forgotten, the Truth. Colors, symbols, shapes, people, numbers, or figures convey a message.
Their decoding reveals our vision!

about us

Observe the draft of our logo on the left for a moment – What message does it hold for you?

Our logo represents the union between our true Self and our unique Soul under the guidance of the five elements – the composers of the world. The two S, the Self n Soul, connect through their center, human nature! It demonstrates total freedom. When this connection occurs, time and space lose their known definition and transform into other forms. 

Everything is possible. You are whole again; everything becomes one.

Live life with inner & outer harmony

There are no magic filters or already made answers.
The key to your Well-being is YOU
Whatever you need is already inside!

We are just here to remind you!
And to show you how to:

  • Feel the joy, peace, and empowerment.
  • Experience love for yourself and those around you.
  • Find your purpose, your vision, and give your unique talents to the world.
  • Learn to relax in your body, in your home, and also in your work.
  • Recognize all your aspects, and align them into your reality.
  • Increase your creativity, your collaborations, and your reputation.
  • Live this life fully in connection with your uniqueness & in harmony with Nature!

Wellness Naturale calls you to be your own element and live a life of fulfillment.
Experience a happier, healthier, stronger You!

Start your wellness journey today …
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