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Combine your stay with a wellness session from Wellness Naturale
Special events in collaboration with the hotel

Holidays & Wellness

wellness getaway at palmyra beach hotel

Wellness Getaway

Find your oasis in town!
A seaside getaway full of detoxification, relaxation & self-realization.
Join us for a personalized or a special couple weekend.

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Total Rejuvenation

A 4-day recreational journey that brings together
the Self & the Soul.
Meet like-minded people, share the love, and experience unity under the guidance of Mother Nature.

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Wellness Events at Palmyra Beach Hotel

free Thursday class

Free Morning Session from 1/5

Every Thursday at 9:00 in the morning, we start our day with joy, optimism & positive energy. A wellness session that includes stretching, pilates, yoga & self-awareness!

Session Duration 45 minutes
suitable for everyone – reservation is required

Wellness Wednesdays from 1/6 to 30/9

Give yourself a day of absolute well-being every Wednesday! Start with a wellness practice, continue with an energized smoothie for breakfast, soak up under the sun, enjoy and relax at the pool all day.

Session Duration 30 minutes
Free Pool time 6 hours
suitable for everyone – reservation is required

palmyra beach hotel poool

Wellness Sessions for Palmyra Beach Hotel Guests

personal wellness online session (1)

Find your own path to Wellness 

A personalized wellness consultation!
Find out which practices suit you best depending on your lifestyle, personality & soul caracteristics. Get a personalized wellness program that uplifts your state of being!

Session Duration 90-120 minutes

bowen therapy

Ignite your inner therapist

Treat yourself right with Bowen Therapy. It is not a massage, it is a message!
A holistic body treatment that cooperates with the nervous system and fascia to release the blockages and bring balance back to your system.
Best for stress, any kind of pain & chronic health issues.

Session Duration : 60-90 minutes

wellness practice-transformational yoga


A 90 minute Transformational Yoga Personal Practice that includes Asanas, Pranayama, Mantras & Meditation.
Transformational Yoga will give you all the tools you need to create & support your own life.

Session Duration: 90 minutes
available for up to 2 people

wisdom igniter

Activate your Wisdom

Discover the T.I.M.E meditation, a holistic approach to physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual & mental clarity.
for: immediate release of blockages and development of imagination & inspiration. Ideal for business executives.

Training session duration : 90 minutes

yoga nidra session at palmyra beach hotel

Enhance your vitality

Experience the unique experience of yoga nidra and experience simultaneously body and mind relaxation & activation. 45′ practice are equivalent to 3 hours of sleep!
(the price includes a recorded practice for you, to use it daily)

Session Duration: 60 minutes

find your own harmony session

Unite with your Truth

Pythagorean Numerology enables us to acknowledge the blueprint of our soul and to understand ourselves deeply.
Our personal numbers and our name hold all the answers!

Session Duration : 60 minutes

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