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Combine your stay with a wellness session from Wellness Naturale
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Wellness Sessions for Palmyra Beach Hotel Guests


Palmyra Beach hotel services

Ignite your inner therapist

Treat yourself right with Bowen Therapy. It is not a massage, it is a message!
A holistic body treatment that cooperates with the nervous system and fascia to release the blockages and bring balance back to your system.
Best for stress, any kind of pain & chronic health issues.

Session Duration : 60-90 minutes

Palmyra Beach hotel services


Palmyra Beach Hotel Services

A 90-minute Transformational Yoga Personal Practice that includes Asanas, Pranayama, Mantras & Meditation.
Transformational Yoga will give you all the tools you need to create & support your own life.

Session Duration: 90 minutes
available for up to 2 people


Activate your Wisdom

Discover the T.I.M.E meditation, a holistic approach to physical health, emotional balance, and spiritual & mental clarity.
for: immediate release of blockages and development of imagination & inspiration. Ideal for business executives.

Training session duration : 90 minutes


Enhance your vitality

Experience the unique experience of yoga nidra and experience simultaneously body and mind relaxation & activation. 45′ practice are equivalent to 3 hours of sleep!
(the price includes a recorded practice for you, to use it daily)

Palmyra Beach Hotel Services

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