personal wellness coaching

 Personal Wellness Coaching

Live through harmony, self-love & excellent energy

Pilates – Yoga – Running – ΗΙΙΤ – Weight training
Meditation – Visualization – Pranayama 

What do you choose? Is this the proper practice for you?

personal wellness coaching

happiness, joy, energy flow, gratitude, relaxation, relief, tranquility, total freedom, love

Is this what you feel after a wellness session, a workout, or a therapeutic session?

Or what you experience is more like you…

  • Always do what you have to, but you see no progress and no positive changes in your wellness levels
  • Seek to find a way to feel better and energized
  • Feel overwhelmed by stress and everyday routine
  • looking for harmonious coordination of all the aspects of yourself

Personalization is the key to our health & well-being

προσωπική ευεξία υπηρεσια


What is right for you?

Right for you is each technique, practice, or method that:

  • respects your individuality
  • adapts to you
  • brings you peace
  • you like doing
  • releases & relaxes you
  • fills you with positivity

Personal Wellness Coaching service is a personalized approach!

Why you need a Personalized Wellness Routine

You are unique!

No one is like you, and this is your superpower! Nobody else has the same characteristics that you have, a body and a character like yours, your unique talents. 
Some wellness practices fit you best, while others are not suitable. We make sure that every aspect of yourself agrees with each technique that we recommend to you.

Because of your lifestyle

Where you live, what job you do, if you are married, if you have or don’t have kids. All your personal choices in life contribute to your well-being. Each option creates a different wellness need.
“Personal Wellness Coaching” takes all the information about your life and creates a personalized program just for you. Wellness becomes an easy task when it follows the rhythm of your life.

Due to your preferences

Everything you like, how you choose to relax or entertain yourself, is an individual process. Personal Wellness Coaching is a self-realization & self-awareness activity. It is essential for us to add more things that you like in your wellness routine and not to impose new habits & deeds. 

Your past is significant

Whatever you lived, came across, or believed in this planet, created your personal story. Your traumas, your experiences, and your relationships are the ones that shaped you.
We take care of you holistically, and we discuss all these with you to create the perfect wellness plan for you, your needs, and your goals. We also support you in this new circle of your life by providing you with a personal e-book full of wellness tools & particular practices.

Your Life Purpose is only for you 

Your life journey is very personal! You only know why you came and what you want to experience and manifest on Earth. Your Wellness plan considers your priorities while connecting you with your purpose!

A personalized wellness plan based on your unique Truth!

this is what Anna Agrafioti OLY & Wellness Naturale offers to you through this service
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personal wellness your online session

Personal Wellness Coaching includes 2 main sessions:

First Session

  • Personal history overview
    Wellness is directly related to everything that happens in our lives and how we manage them
  • Conversation with Wellness Igniter Anna Agrafioti OLY
    To understand your needs in-depth, we discuss your habits and the daily requirements of your life. We complete together the specially designed Workbook of self-knowledge & discovery.
  • Personal Wellness Goals
    It is necessary to know where we want to go to get there.
    We discover your deepest goals, obstacles, and current and desired level of well-being & we lay the foundations for success in your life.

the composition of you - wellness session
δημιούργησε την δική σου ευεξία


Second Session

  • We let your unique Soul & your authentic Self show us the way
    We have in our hands a tool that reveals the depths of your Wellness (Self & Soul Wellness) and gives us helpful information about all the aspects of your life.
  • Description & explanation of personal wellness plan
    We collect all the data and create a personalized wellness plan with techniques, practices, ways of training & strengthening. We make sure that every method fits perfectly into every aspect of your life.
  • Delivery of material
    You will receive a personalized E-book that covers the whole process and explains what is suitable for you.

Schedule your two sessions in 1 week!

* Automatic scheduling of 2 meetings

Personal Wellness Coaching includes two sessions of 90 minutes each!
By selecting a date, the system automatically commits the same day & time of the following week.
For example, if you choose 10/4 at 10:00, your second session will be 17/4 at 10:00.
Make sure you have both dates available before confirming your appointment!

* For Palmyra Beach Hotel guests

Personal Wellness Coaching is a 120 minute session for your convenience!

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How do I move forward? What do I do with all this information?

   You have 3 options

  1. You use the material and information by yourself.
    Likewise, you apply the techniques & easy practices that exist in the specially designed E-book that you received during our second meeting.
    For example, you start walking for 20 minutes every day,or you enjoy a relaxing practice before sleep. 
  2. You get further help or work with a specialist.
    For example, you enroll in pilates classes, incorporate massage into your weekly routine, start a nourishing program with a nutritionist.
  3. You continue your work with Anna & Wellness Naturale.
    In this case, we give you a gift of -30% on our services, workshops & products.

Meet your Wellness Igniter Anna Agrafioti OLY

“Hi, I am Anna, the creator of self n soul wellness naturale.

Having struggled for years with waves in & out of the sea, I reached my point of personal wellness. Many wellness and therapeutic techniques helped me on my way, but I got there through practice, self-awareness & unconditional love for myself. My purpose is to share the importance of an integrated individual approach to wellness, health, and empowerment with the world!

I will be pleased to work with you & co-create your unique path to supreme well-being…”

Read more about Anna here!

It’s time to experience the happiest, healthiest, strongest You!

Let’s discover all the right methods for you

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