Discover your unique characteristics & Unite with your Nature!

"The reason you are here is because you are looking for truth,
deeper knowledge and serenity.
The time has come, where you choose personalization in all the aspects of Life.
I will be very glad if we create together your own path
to overall wellness, empowerment and total happiness.
In this journey, Soul is the navigator and Self has all the knowledge you need.
Now is the moment to trust him!"

Anna Agrafioti OLY
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For additional details call us at +30 6978174752

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    Online Sessions from the comfort of your home
    Instructor: Anna Agrafioti, Physical Educator, Wellness Coach, Olympian in Sailing

    "Personal Wellness" includes
    2 basic sessions

    - Personal Health History - Health & Wellness Goals - Discussion
    - Plan Description - Explanation - Delivery of material

    After you get the material you can decide whether you want to work together with Anna or you just want to use the exercises & the information by yourself

    Optional Sessions
    - Practice & Training (4-8 sessions)
    - Observation & Remarks (1 session)