Self & Soul in Union

discover your own Truth
experience the ultimate life
live with harmony, ease & grace

All answers exist within – We are the key!

Everything is interconnected, and energy never dies; it just transforms its form.

Energy encodes numbers that are moving the whole universe.

This knowledge that Pythagoras discovered first helped him develop the theory of spheres and all creation.

If we divide matter, we will find out that it is made out of geometrical patterns created from the union of different numbers.

The shape and the unique characteristics that we see in each material, depend on its own numbers.

Your personal numbers carry all your specific characteristics, unique talents, and true essence.
By decoding them, you get access to this knowledge.

self & soul wellness


Benefits and Results of the Self & Soul Wellness Service

  1. You unite with your personality’s unique characteristics while discovering your peculiarities, those that help you evolve and those that hinder you.

  2. The uniqueness of your soul and your special talents reveal themselves to you.

  3. You learn how to achieve your goals and what tools to use.

  4. Your actual place in the world, your path, and everything you have come to share with the world become clear.

  5. Life begins to have more joy, flow, and ease.

  6. You get a deeper understanding of your personal experiences, current situation, and relationship with yourself and those around you.

  7. Your true Guidance arises.

  8. Things start to make sense as you unite your life puzzle.

  9. Your five dimensions align!

Discover your true essence

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Human Nature has 5 dimensions

  • physical dimension – the body

  • energy dimension – feelings, intuition & vitality

  • mental dimension – character, way of thinking, personality

  • psychic dimension – connection with self, relationships, individuality

  • spiritual dimension – life purpose, self-realization & fulfillment

These 5 dimensions must be in alignment!

Practically this means that when the heart wants something, the mind finds it logical, intuition approves it, emotion accepts it, and the body does it.
We conclude that man is a multidimensional being; thus, every effort to understand him should be holistic and not one-sided. Every change we try to make should be compatible with each aspect of ourselves. This is why Personal Wellness Coaching uses Self & Soul Wellness as its base! So much is happening at all levels that we can’t follow or perceive most of the time. But all of them are interdependent.
Alignment happens when all our aspects unite and agree on whatever we want to achieve.

Self & Soul Wellness serves you by offering you superior knowledge through the wisdom of numbers. This service helps you understand how you as an individual can bring harmony to all dimensions of your life and experience well-being!

Our Soul

Is the one that carries the profound knowledge. In her, our talents, charisma, and personal experiences exist in codes. 

Our soul is our very own light, the source of our life, and the essence of our human existence.

Soul = Uniqueness

self & soul wellness session

” Our Soul knows the way, and our Self walks it.”

Η ευεξία της συνδεσης Εαυτού & Ψυχής

Our Self 

Is the one who understands. Our navigator in this life journey is our Self, responsible for analyzing the information & making decisions.

His identification with Personality is wrong. Self transforms the actual knowledge of the soul into a practical application.

Self = True Wisdom

Who is this service for & Reasons to choose it

If you want to experience harmony and alignment in your life, the self & soul wellness session is the right start! That’s why it’s part of Personal Wellness Coaching to achieve total well-being.

For the ones looking for their unique answers to questions about the course of life, career guidance, and their special talents.

It is the best gift you could give to a young mother for a harmonious relationship with her child!

It is a life tool for all intuitive, most sensitive, and creative people.

If you have the feeling that there is something else in the universe that we do not know, if you experience many synchronicities, if you have a special relationship with numbers, then this session is for you.

The day of your birth, your family, your name are all characteristics that your Soul has chosen to adorn yourself in this life journey!
According to Pythagoras, the knowledge of the Self is the essential knowledge that leads us to decipher the whole universe. And the harmony that this knowledge creates is ultimately the essence of life.

Get to know your Self & Connect with your Soul
to truly experience Life!

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