How to Vision Board E-book


The art of creation is what put the world into motion…
In order to experience something in life, first we have to envision it, then to create it and take action, then to stay motivated to finally reach the point of manifesting it!

It is now time to understand that you are the one who creates your own life through your thoughts, emotions & actions. You are free and able to live the life of your dreams!

You just need to find your why and tools to achieve it!

This e-book shows you a very unique way to realize your dreams. It shows you how to create your vision board.

A vision boars is your step indicator and your daily motivation towards your goal(s).

Create your own life!

How to Vision Board E-book

The vision board is your daily guide and encourages you to continue achieving your goals. It is a practice of self-realization that you want to experience!

You are the creator of your life! You create everything around you through what you think, feel & do. Furthermore, you are accessible and able to make the life of your dreams!

Why is it essential to create our way of living?

We are unique! Also, we carry our talents and characteristics. What I came to give to this world completely differs from what you came to offer. It is essential to find your deepest desire and manifest it. Only in this way you would be happy, able to create healthy relationships, feel content and live a fulfilled life.

- Wellness Naturale

How to Vision Board E-book

What is a vision board?
A vision board is a representation of our deepest desire. It is our statement that we trust ourselves & our choices. It is a way to take our power back and start creating the Life we want for us. A vision board is a reminder of all the things we have to do, learn or understand in order to achieve our goals.
It is a representation of the Life we dream of and the steps toward it.
This board contains ideal images of feelings, thoughts, numbers, dates, motivational quotes, and whatever you can imagine that supports your dream. It is a daily motivation to take action and to stay loyal to your Why!

Realize your Vision

- Wellness Naturale

What you will find in how to vision board e-book

  • Steps to create your own vision board
  • What you need for vision board creation
  • Visualization of your Goal/Dream
  • Find your Why in Life
  • Become aware of your Thoughts, Emotions & Actions
  • How to create your vision board
  • Your Daily Motivation

Who can create a vision board?

Everyone who wants to manifest her/his dream or goal in Life.
From a 5-year-old kid who wants to have a pet to an 80 years old adult who wants to travel the world!

This is not just an E-book, it is a self-realization practice!

Dare to live your vision!


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