” small daily habits, create big changes “

easy and smart tips & tricks that bring happiness, joy and flow into Life.

Why melons should be eaten alone + health benefits & recipes

Melons are a super fruit for healing and hydration. They are made to support us during hot summer days and emotional sensitive times. Their message for […]

October Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin is definitely the queen of autumn season. It is a very nutritious fruit, full of antioxidants and very tasty. Pumpkin can be used in many […]

A standing relaxation exercise – Find harmony while waiting upright!

How difficult is waiting? For some unknown reason, waiting is a factor that creates stress, anxiety and negativity. When we are “on hold” situations, we tend […]

Εssential oils recipes & mixes for a healthy home

Our home is our center. It is the place where we start our day from and the place where we finish every day. We need to […]

May Message

May is the month that has a lot of love! The month we celebrate Mother, our biological mother but also Mother Earth! Mother Nature gives us […]

Quarantine Books Suggestions

The quarantine period can be a very productive period. Here you will find 6 must read timeless books. Reading is an ideal practice for this period, […]

Sleep like a baby

Sleeping is a very important procedure for our system as it plays a vital role for our health and our wellbeing. During sleep the body is […]

Flush Water for Relaxation

You will need : filtered water, blackberries, fresh sage leaves The amazing health benefits of blackberries they are full of manganese – prevents Osteoporosis & Inflammation […]

The Ultimate Energy Bar Formula by NoMeatAthlete

Ingredients 1-pound can of beans, drained and rinsedor 1.5 cups cooked beans ½ cup binder ¼ cup sweetener ¼ cup soft sweet fruit ¼ teaspoon sea […]

5 common mistakes that stand on your way to lose weight

You are doing everything right but the kilos don’t seem to drop. The weighing scale should have churned up a much lesser number. After all that […]

The proper workout clothes

Very often people wonder which is the perfect outfit for workout. So today I will give you some useful information about your exercising clothing. Tracksuit The […]

Food & Exercise

There is a general discussion about  food and exercise!How many hours before training should be my last meal?Can I practice with my stomach full or not?What […]

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